Hedge Fund Names   

Hedge Fund Names   

Are you attempting to start a hedge fund?  If so, you have probably given hedge fund names a lot of thought.  Many people think that hedge fund names are a dime a dozen, but really it is not as simple as most people would think that it is.  In fact, hedge fund names are often difficult to come by because they are so much more than a name!

Why are hedge fund names so much more than a name?  First and foremost because you to convey a message with your name.  You don’t just want the fund to have a name; you want it to make a statement. Luckily, there are some general naming standards that will help you along the way.

First and foremost, you should consider a company name as your hedge fund name.  Most of the time the company will be incorporated before the hedge fund is started so you can name the hedge fund after your company name.  One of the industry standards is to name is to use the last name of the hedge fund manager, so if the last name is Johnson you could name it Smith Capital Management, LLC.  As you can see, this keeps it simple but also allows for the fund to have a very professional name that will not turn people off.

You may or may not know it, but most hedge funds are established in Delaware.  This can make naming a bit of a project because a lot of the names are taken.  But, you should consider phrases such as:

♦ Capital Group

♦ Capital Partners

♦ Group

♦ Fund

♦ Investment Fund

♦ Investment Partners

♦ Capital

♦ Partners

♦ LP

You may have to be creative if the specific name for your hedge fund is already taken by putting roman numerals behind it.  For instance, if you want your hedge fund name to be Johnson Investment Partners and there is already one, you could name it Johnson Investment Partners II.  This gives you the name you want while allowing you to differentiate it from the other hedge fund with the same name.

As you can see, hedge fund names are not as straight forward as you might have thought.  Not only do you want to make a statement with your hedge fund name, you want it to be available and something that will set you apart from all of the rest.  Take some time considering your hedge fund names before you settle with one so you are sure it will work well for you and all of its purposes.